Vintage Stitches consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced self-employed knitters. Unfortunatley there isnt enough space to introduce everyone, as we have some 40 people we can turn to, but allow me to introduce some of them:


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Our Team


Founder knitter, and general life saver.


Kathy has over 60 years experience knitting, and likes to knit fairisles. She used to like a challenge, until I (Sandy, her daughter) threw so many at her they stopped being fun (lol!) She also loves history, and knits whilst wacthing real life Crime stories, with me, just like Nan did.


Pam lives in France (and is the reason I can't put "Madein Britain" labels on our goods!!) She produces a lot of our stock and sample items. She knits, crochets and is a seamstress.


Julie joined in the early days of the business. She is one of the many that can adapt any pattern and work at speed. She lives locally, so ends up getting a lot of the urgent jobs, or where I have to explain things in a sketchy way, where she has to interpret hand gestures as well as a pattern.


Angie was one of our original knitters, and again can handle anything I throw at her.  She is particularly good at cable knits. She makes a large number of customer orders.


Anne joined us after about 9 months, and mainly knits complicated patterns and fairisles for us.  I tend to only give fairisles to her, though I am sure she could handle all the patterns we have. She is also very helpful to other knitters when they are foxed by a pattern instruction.


Jo is another knitter, crocheter and seamstress who produces a lot of our knits due to her extreme speed! She helps out in many ways in an urgent situation and with advice and guidance to me and others


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Another local knitter, Claire gets several of my projects  where I have had an idea and need someone to knit for me! She is capable of many types of pattern and is helping with my WW1 project currently


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Caroline was one of my first knitters and is also fairly local.  She loves the plain knits and lacy patterns, although she is capable of all kinds of knitting. She understands the 1940s patterns brilliantly.


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Another original knitter, Sue knits most samples and stock as she fits it around her own ill health, so I dont tend to give her deadlines as to not put extra pressure on. She is a great suporter of Vintage Stitches and comes to some of the shows we trade at.

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