Pre 20th Century Knits

We have some patterns from this era, but not many, so we tend to have to copy photographic or other sources. We will work with you to get as accurate as possible.


As well as the Napoleonic Gloves and 17th Century hat as pictured, we have also made Acorn Hats, Hose and socks in various lengths and gloves with military coloured lace.


We can also embroider items, or personailse them. We will use 10% wool unless otherwise told, as it will felt and provide the most authentic appearance. The time involved in these products are usually in the research stage.


A great source for Victorian Era patterns and simple patterns can be found here -


Prices vary depending on the product, but as a guide:


Knee Length Hose - £20

Hat (as Seen) - £15 knitted, £20 felted

Plain Gloves (as seen)- £15

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