Early 20th Century

This is an exciting time for knitwear, as it is taken from a functional necessity through to a high fashion item.


We do have a collection of patterns from this time, but we are also able to copy from sources such as old photos and paintings.


We are able to reproduce the jumpers and socks from the famous Edward VIII paintings. These are handmade to order as all other items, and are priced at £120.


Our Fairisle slipovers are hugely popular, and can be made in the shorter fitted style, with a scoop neck or as a regular fit.  You have a huge input so can choose the pattern, the colours or just the "feel" (i.e. jazzy, autumnal etc).


We have also made golf socks, swimsuits, underwear and knitted dresses from this period.


They can be made in pure wool, but more modern yarns allow for regular wear and washing. We can discuss yarn types with you, depending upon the garment and its purpose.


As an idea of price:


Plain Socks £20

Socks including a pattern and a garter from £25

Swimming Trunks £30

Swimsuits £40

Knitted dresses from £150

Sleeveless Fairisles from £65

Fairisles with sleeves from £85






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