Handmade Knitwear, made for you - your pattern, your size and your colour choice.  These pages show examples of our patterns (though we have literally thousands!). Please contact us to discuss an order if you see anything or have an idea for a knit.  Quotes and chats are cost and committment free!

Pre 20th Century knits

We do have a few patterns, however these knits usually have to be copied from photographic sources.


We may need to work on a trail and error basis to get these correct, and use your knowledge of the period to assist us.  Please rest assured we will endeavour to get these as close to historically accurate with the information available to us.

1940s Knitwear

Our specialism, and where the largest of our pattern collections cover.  We have civilian and  military knits, for men, women, children, pets and homewares.


We also have a lot of Stitchcraft magazines and sewing patterns from this time, so we may be able to accomodate other requests for handmade items.

Early 20th Century Fashions

IWe have a lot of patterns from this era, including some fantastic slinky cotton knits for ladies, evening knits and sportswear for men and women.


We can also copy original sources from this era.


Our most popular request though are for initricate fairisle slipovers for Chaps of all sizes.

1950s Onwards

Obviously, homewares and gifts pop up in all eras but it is the 1950s onwards where knitting gets really fun!


Picture jumpers, Xmas jumpers, 1970s crochet waistcoats, icelandic knits, tea cosies and of course, the poodle bottle cover.


Not all the patterns we have feature here as again, there are 100s just for the 1970s!


Find us a photo, tell us an idea, we probably have the pattern.

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