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​Vintage Stitches launched in March 2017. As history buffs and also keen craftspeople, my mum and I decided to launch "Vintage Stitches" because we love to make things and find beauty in the old patterns and traditional handicrafts. We have a huge collection of patterns from all eras, and wanted to show them, and make them accessible to a wide, modern audience.


We pride ourselves on being as close to historically accurate as possible, keeping the wool fine and in heritage colours. This eye for detail has attracted orders from museums and theatre companies in the first few months of trading.


We also realise that there are many hard working re-enactors and Living History performers who need accurate knitted items. We have gathered Wartime patterns from many countries and can supply knitted comforts and service knits.  We have also pre-1940s patterns, and source material. Recently we have knitted fingerless gloves for Napoleonic re-enactors, and a Medieval Acorn Hat.


Mum (Kathy) does most of the knitting, along with a fantastic team.  She has been making her own clothes, and fashion for other people, for many years.  I have been attending 1940s events for a while, and now do so with the stall and can be found at an event most weekends.


​As mums,  we also know that children are often overlooked in Vintage and Re-enacting  circles. Nothing beats a beautiful handmade outfit for a newborn. Except maybe a cute motif jumper, or an outfit like mummy or daddy. We have taken several commissions for items for Haworth this year.


​We absolutely welcome your feedback and enquiries, would love to see photos and do say hello if you see us out and about at events!







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Please call us on +44 7841 967830+44 7841 967830 or use our contact form.

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